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What is PopupSound?

PopupSound is an extension that allows you play a sound when a popup window is blocked. You can select your own sound file in the configuration window. You can also configure a sound for other events such as clicking on a link or downloading a file.

Install It (12.5 KB)

Why use PopupSound?

This extension allows you to use your other perceptual senses to receive feedback from the browser. This frees your visual system from having to multitask between reading a website and being watchful for browser notifications. Without auxiliary sound feedback, sometimes good pop-ups will slip through and the user is left wondering where the information went. Even with the information bar visible, it is sometimes not conspicuous enough if the information bar appears at the the same time your eyes are saccading, in which audio notification proves invaluable.

Undivided Attention Scenario:

Imagine this scenario, you are reading a website and your attention is fixated on the text. The fovea region is only a small part of your visual field so your visual area will look something like this:

Artistics rendering of a fovea region of the retina.

Suddenly the information bar appears. You have two options: either ignore the information bar and continue reading the text, or stop reading the text and look at the information bar to see what just happened. Wouldn't it be great if you could somehow understand the information bar without having to look away from the text? Herein lies the premise of having audio feedback for common notifications. If you hear a distinct pop-up blocking noise, you will know immediately that a pop-up was blocked and you will not have to look away.

Other Information:

The extension comes bundled with some default sounds for convenience. They can be easily changed in the configuration window (Tools -> Extensions -> PopupSound -> Options).

This extension includes translations in Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Slovak.

A screenshot of the configuration window.

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