Customization (Experts Only):

There is currently no user-friendly method for customizing the behavior of each mouse button. I just don't have enough time to make an interface for it. But you can change it by editing the below "preferences" in your "about:config" panel. Please note that editing your "about:config" preferences should only be done by experts.

There are currently 5 customizable actions:

ActionBehavior (Default)Preference Name
Left mouse buttonNavigate Backmilewideback.left
Right mouse buttonNavigate Forwardmilewideback.right
Middle mouse buttonClose current tabmilewideback.middle
Mouse Wheel scroll upCycle through tabs (left)milewideback.middle_up
Mouse Wheel scroll downCycle through tabs (right)milewideback.middle_dn

Below are new behaviors you can associate with an action. The list is not exhaustive, but I just picked out the most frequent ones. To use them, pick the new behavior (below) that you want and pick an action (above) to associate it with. Then get the "Preference Name" (above) for that action, and get the "Javascript Code" (below) for the new behavior. Then change the "Preference Value" (see screenshot) of the associated "Preference Name" to the corresponding "Javascript Code" (below).

New BehaviorJavascript Code
Navigate BackBrowserBack(event);
Navigate ForwardBrowserForward(event);
Stop NavigationBrowserStop();
Reload PageBrowserReload();
Close current tabgBrowser.removeCurrentTab();
Cycle through tabs (left)gBrowser.mTabContainer.advanceSelectedTab(-1, true);
Cycle through tabs (right)gBrowser.mTabContainer.advanceSelectedTab(1, true);
New WindowOpenBrowserWindow();
New TabBrowserOpenTab();
Open/Close SidebartoggleSidebar();
Open/Close Bookmarks SidebartoggleSidebar('viewBookmarksSidebar');
Navigate to HomepageBrowserHome();
Zoom In textZoomManager.prototype.getInstance().enlarge();
Zoom Out textZoomManager.prototype.getInstance().reduce();
Find In This PageonFindCmd();
Find AgainonFindAgainCmd();
Minimize Windowwindow.minimize();

A screenshot of the about:config panel.

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