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What is KeywordSelection?

KeywordSelection extends the functionality of keyword searches so that they can also be activated with the mouse. Simply select some text in your current window and then click on a keyword-enabled bookmark. A search will be performed with the text selection. If no text is selected, it will open the bookmark website at the root level.

A screenshot of when a keyword bookmark is clicked with some text selected.

Install It (5.63 KB)

Getting Started:

  1. To start using this extension, you need at least one keyword-enabled (quicksearch) bookmark in your "Bookmarks Toolbar". By default, Your browser comes bundled with a few quicksearch bookmarks, which are located inside the "Quick Searches" folder, within your bookmarks.

  2. The most useful one is the "Google" Quicksearch bookmark. You can start by dragging it out of your, "Quick Searches" folder and onto your "Bookmarks Toolbar".

    A screenshot of how to move the Google quicksearch bookmark to the bookmarks toolbar.

  3. Now select some text in your current browser. Then click on the "Google Quicksearch" bookmark.

Why use KeywordSelection?

How to add your own Searches:

  1. Create a keyword bookmark if you don't have one yet.

  2. Give it a keyword name and optionally save it to your bookmarks toolbar folder.

  3. Select some text on the current webpage.

  4. Click on a keyword enabled bookmark on the bookmarks toolbar.

Other Information:

The dragtotab project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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