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What is DragToTab?

DragToTab is an extension that allows you to drag links, text or files on to the "New Tab" and "New Window" icon in the toolbar to open them in either a new tab or in a new window respectively. If the text contains a complete or partial URL, it will be opened.

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Why use DragToTab?

Dragging a desktop icon into the browser window.

When you drag files from the desktop to the browser window, you often don't want to disrupt your current web searches so, with this extension, you can choose to open them in a new tab or a new window in one easy step.

Dragging a typed URL to the new tab button.

Sometimes webpages print URLs without turning them into clickable links. You cannot open them in new tabs because you cannot "middle-click" or "ctrl-click" on a text selection. But with this extension, you can drag the text selection on to the toolbar icons to either open them in a new tab or in a new window.

Dragging a link from one browser window into the new tab button of another browser window.

Sometimes you come across a link that you want to open as a tab but in another existing window. With this extension, you can then drag the link to the new tab toolbar icon of the other window to open it there as a new tab.

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The dragtotab project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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